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2009 Annual Report

From the Registrar
Monday, 22 March 2010

Dear Sir Knight and Brother Registrar

At last, following a great many trials and tribulations, I have pleasure in enclosing, with this letter, our annual report for 2009 and a copy of our meeting dates coupled with a new Standing Order form. Could you please mention any item you feel will be of general interest and possibly circulate the remainder via email (or hard copy to those who might not be connected).

During the last couple of years we have endured many difficulties, due to ongoing problems with a change in banking and subsequent records. This has meant a severe loss of communication, and support, from many of our affiliated Preceptories. We hope with the advent of this, the latest letter, and using the electronic mailing system. We will be able, with your help, to overcome the historical difficulties and establish contact between us once again.

Incidentally should you be one of the Preceptories that has by perseverance, overcome the recently prolonged difficulties and managed to renew your affiliation already, please accept our sincerest thanks and an apology for taking this opportunity to repeat a request, which follows in the paragraph below. We also take this opportunity to apologise to all Preceptory Treasurers for the inconvenience caused by all the changes in our administration.

Should you, or the members of your Preceptory, not be aware of our difficulties, which began in 2008, may we request a review, so that your Preceptory Affiliation, may be renewed. The annual affiliation fee is still currently £3.00. If agreement is established, and to aid your Treasurer, we enclose a new Standing Order form, coupled with the meeting dates notes. This has proved to be the most convenient way of making and maintaining the annual payment.

May I on behalf of the Chairman and Members of the King Edward VII Preceptory of Improvement thank you in anticipation for your continuing support and hope that 2010 will herald a change in personal, and the country's fortunes and Brother Knights will be able to enjoy our Order in a continuing happy and relaxed manner.

Yours in the Bonds of the Order
E.Kt. Robert Upton P. Gt. Her

New standing order document
Annual Report 2009

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