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2012 Annual Report

Membership and Affiliations
During the year we are pleased to report, that many of the original Affiliated Preceptories have renewed their fees despite all our difficulties. Should you be one, may we thank you for your consideration and continued support.

It was decided that the annual fee for affiliation for a Preceptory to this Preceptory of Improvement remains at £3.00.

During the year 32 new life members were admitted including 12 newly made Knights from Slovenia, should other Knights wish to be associated with us, but unable to attend. Application forms for Life Membership are available from the Registrar.

Our Achilles Heel Update
Just over half of the Preceptories who were originally affiliated have renewed their affiliations by sending a direct payment or by completing their bankers order, since the debacle with our original bankers.

An interesting outcome came as a request of our brother Knights of Preceptories in Hong Kong who by agreeing to commute their affiliation fee for 30 years, they have created a new category of Life Term Affiliation.

Any other Preceptory interested in availing themselves of this opportunity is requested to contact the Registrar for details.

As you are no doubt aware although Great Priory supports our work in many ways, we still rely on the interest and financial support we receive from individual Preceptories throughout the year to enable us to continue and are hopeful that those who have not yet done so, will soon also rejoin.

Our Web Page
All Knights are invited to access The King Edward the VII Preceptory of Improvement Webb Page it is now up and running with topics of interest, hopefully to be updated regularly.

Access to it is by typing, into your search engine

Committee of Management
It is with regret we have to announce that two of our longest serving committee members have expressed the wish to retire from the management of the Preceptory of Improvement

The first is R.E. Knight Norman Bliss KCT Past Prior of Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire, whose wise council and support will sadly be missed.

The other is our Registrar E. Knight Bob Upton P.Gt.Her who has been in office for over 15 years, who is at last hopeful of being able to hand on that office now that a replacement is being considered. Once confirmed and final arrangements made advice of the changes will be given.

On Wednesday the 19th of September 2012, at the request of R.E. Knight Edwin Goodwin, the Prior of London, we have arranged a demonstration of the shortened versions of the Malta opening and closing ceremonies for the benefit of the Preceptories in his Province. Any other Knight interested will be welcome to attend.

Once again our annual programme comprising, five meetings for the rehearsal of the Installation of a New Knight, and one in January for the rehearsal of Installation of the Eminent Preceptor and Prior have been confirmed. Cards with meeting dates are available from the Registrar or at the Reception at Mark Masons Hall. Payment on the day is not required for attendance at our meetings.

Members of the Committee of the Preceptory of Improvement have been invited to travel to Durham on the 30th of August this year, to give a workshop type presentation on aspects of the Templar Ritual, to member Knights of the Durham Past Preceptors Preceptory No.567.

Any other Knight wishing to attend this demonstration is advised to contact the Vice Chancellor of that Province for details.

Provinces or Preceptories wishing to hold a similar demonstration or workshop, please contact our Chairman or the Registrar of the Preceptory of Improvement for further details.

Provincial Preceptories of Improvement
These are continuing to be created in several Provinces of the Order and Knights of these Preceptories of Instruction have been examined and qualified by the King Edward VII POI, to act as Qualified Preceptors of Instruction in them.

Any Knight may qualify to be considered for this office, provided a recommendation has been received from his Provincial Prior.

In harmony with this is the proposal of encouraging participation by Provincial Preceptories of improvement in the recently formed Confederation of Preceptories of Improvement. With a view of improving communications and to further promote this beautiful Order of ours. Would the Registrar of any Preceptory of Instruction interested in joining please send their details to our Registrar for inclusion on the register now being compiled.

Signed on behalf of the committee

R. E. Kt. Paul Clement
Great Marshal
86 St. James's St. London SW1A 1PL

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