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2014 Annual Report

This year has been one of consolidation. With the use of e-mails as our main source of communication we have greatly enhanced the interaction with all the members, and a dialogue between members and Preceptors is now a frequent occurrence between meetings.

PoI Meetings
Following the request for additional tuition, the 5pm-6pm "Workshop" was introduced and proved so popular it is now a regular feature. This is specifically for individual queries and practice, also KT Installation and short Malta Installation working.

In addition we also tried to introduce two extra dates to our curriculum - one in Febraury and one in November for the Malta degree. Unfortunately, on both occasions the Temple was not available to us until after 7pm. This coupled with the dates clashing with other Masonic meetings meant the majority of our members were unable to attend. We have therefore had to reluctantly forego these extra dates and will concentrate our efforts on the extended time on our regular meetings.

During the year we purchased a number of new swords and scabbards, which were greatly appreciated by all the members. The Preceptory of Improvement is now maintaining a health attendance of approx 20 at each meeting with a further 5 or 6 apologies. It is also encouraging that we have had a further 20 new members join this year.

We would however ask all members and Preceptory Registrars to make all knights thinking of joining the Preceptory of Improvement aware of the strict dress code at MMH. "Smart Casual" being the minimum required attire. Definitely no Jeans, Denim or Trainers.

Unfortunately, we have had one or two members arrive, only to be turned away at the foyer, after having travelled some distance to attend, one can understand their frustration and annoyance. It is something we would like to avoid in the future - so please spread the word.

We are pleased to announce that EKt John Randall of the Jean Parisot de lat Valette Preceptory No 616 in the Province of Gloucestershire and Herefordshire passed the "Test" in November andis now a "Certified Preceptor". Many congratulations John.

A number of members are now putting their names forward looking to take the "Test", which bodes well for our Order in the future. We do however caution against haste or over confidence asa"fail" causes considerable disappointment.

The Treasurer has now addressed the problem of our Bank details and is actively contacting the Preceptories to update them and thereby increase our membership revenue. At present we have received subs from 179 Preceptories but with Liber listing 521, we still have a long way to go.

After consulting with members we introduced a £1 attendance levy. This they unanimously accepted, and with the success of the new swords and scabbards, we will be looking to purchase more of the same as funds become available.

Out and About
In April, the Preceptors of KEVII PoI were invited to the Mercia Praetorian Preceptory No 682 in Wolverhampton, to demonstrate and assist in the ceremony of installing a Knight.

The ceremony was conducted to a packed Temple including their Provincial Prior REKt D G Read and his Sub Prior VEKtA J Bentley, their current Eminent Preceptor. EKt Ron Pritchard took the chair and EKt Dennis Fountain acted as Marshall. EKt Peter Swanell as elder stateman, lead the question and answer session following the ceremony.

The meeting was followed by a superb evening at the festive board. In fact we were warmly welcomed on arrival and their hospitality was accommodating and generous throughout. Everyone agreed that the whole occasion had a been a great success and should be repeated at a future date. Pictures can be seen on the KEVII website.

We are now looking to become more pro-active in the Provinces both as a "workshop or demo team" as required. Any Province that feels they could benefit by our assistance need only contact EKt Dennis Fountain on 01634 270587, email or either of the other two Preceptors. They would be delighted to hear from you.

Our members come from far and wide which is encouraging but we cannot rest on our laurels and we all need to attract more of the younger Knights.

Finally, we tried to organise a PoI members dinner towards the end of the year. Unfortunately no dates were available so it is now being arranged for early next year. We eagerly await.

The dates for 2015/16 KEVII are on an information card situated in the Mark Masons Hall lobby. They can also be found on the KEVII PoI website (

R. E. Kt. Paul Clement
86 St. James's St. London SW1A 1PL

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