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Cyprus Revisited

Following the consecration of the Kolossi Preceptory in Cyprus last year, a team on behalf of Great Priory, was requested to assist the Kolossi Priory in its first Malta degree, which was being held on the 14th May at the Limassol Masonic Centre. The team consisted of E.Kts. D. Fountain, D. Hiscock, A. Dive and D. Dean, all of whom were members of the King Edward V11 Preceptory of Improvement, There were a total of 15 Knights to be installed into the degree.

The Chapter House was then opened with E.Kt. D. Fountain taking the office of E. Prior, E.Kts. D. Hiscock as Mareschal, A. Dive Deputy Mareschal and D. Dean as Lieutenant General. The Knights of the Kolossi Priory occupying the remaining offices.

The degree of St. Paul was conducted by the visiting Knights. The 15 Knights were then installed as Knights of Malta.

E. Kt. D. Fountain then vacated the chair in favour of R.E.Kt. Alan Englefield K.C.T. and assumed the office of Mareschal. E.Kt. Eric Williams was then installed into the chair as E. Prior in a most sincere and delightful way.

To close the Priory the offices had to revert back to those officers who had opened as all the positions were now filled with new officers.

It was a privilege to have been a part of this meeting, as earlier in the day we held a practice session for all the officers, most of whom had not seen a Malta degree before, but when it came to the ceremony, all the offices were carried out in what I can only say was an exemplary example that any Priory would be proud of.

The refectory was a white table held at the nearby Kapetanios Odyssia Hotel. The selection of food and wine was superb and culminated a great way to finish off what had been such a happy and successful day for all concerned.

Our thanks must especially go to E.Kt. Eric Williams and all the members of the Kolossi Priory who had extended to us such a warm welcome and hospitality second to none.

E.Kt. Dennis Fountain

   From left to right: E.Kt D Fountain, E.Kt D Hiscock, R.E.Kt A Englefield, E.Kt E Williams, E.Kt D Dean and E.Kt A Dive

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