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2010 Annual Report

From the Registrar
Monday, 27 April 2011

Membership and Affiliations
Once again during the past year many of the original Affiliated Preceptories have renewed their fees despite all the difficulties. Should we be addressing one who already done so, may we thank you for your consideration and continued support.

During the year 11 new life members were admitted to our midst. Should other Knights wish to be associated with us, but unable to attend, application forms for Life Membership are available from the Registrar for a one off payment of £2.00

Our Achilles Heel
Despite encouraging support, pleas to those preceptories who have not yet renewed their affiliations seem to have been, at best, overlooked or at least, not chosen too. We certainly have paid the price for the enforced changes in bankers and services, to which we were exposed, even though we decided that the annual fee for affiliation would remain at £3.00 as an aid, to these troubled times.

Once again following another season of reasonably attended meetings further dates have been arranged for the ensuing year, our annual programme comprises, five meetings for the rehearsal of the Installation of a New Knight, and one held in January for the rehearsal of Installation of the Eminent Preceptor and Prior.

Additional meetings may also be arranged for other suitable occasions, following a request by an interested party, to the Registrar.

Cards with meeting dates are available from the Registrar or the Tyler's office at Mark Masons Hall Payment is not required for attendance.

Committee of Management
Whilst the committee principly has not changed during the current year we have added to this a demonstration team which has already been in action and willing to travel to further interest in our rituals.

Somerset Demonstration
On Wednesday the 5th of May 2010, a team comprising of the Management Committee, Preceptors and life members of the King Edward VII Preceptory of Improvement drawn from the home counties, undertook a journey to the wilds of Somerset, to carry out a demonstration of the Installation of a new Knight, at a regular Preceptory meeting in Weston Super Mare, by invitation of the Provincial Prior of Somerset, Right Eminent Knight Barry Burridge.

Following the able assistance of the Registrar of the Worlebury Preceptory with the transport, accommodation and meeting arrangements, Knight Alan Perks was installed in an efficient manner by the team, giving the Knights of Somerset who were able to be present an insight into the correct interpritation of the current ritual for Installation of a new Knight.

Also at the meeting Em. Knights David Platton of Somerset and Tom D'Souza of Middlesex were presented with their Preceptor of Improvement Certificates by Right Eminent Knight Paul Clement, on completion of their successful examinations.

The King Edward VII demonstration team would like to express their sincerest thanks to the Provincial Prior and Knights of Somerset Province for the opportunity of being able to give this demonstration and for the very generous way they were entertained.

Confederation of Preceptories of Improvement
Following the addresses given by the Grand Master and that of the Great Seneschal at the meetings held in Birmingham, special reference was made to the above subject.

It was felt that merit could be gained by establishing a confederation of the existing and future Local Preceptories of Instruction under the chairmanship of the KEVII POI, to promote closer co-operation and greater individual involvement within the Order.

The committee of the Grand Masters Preceptory of Improvement hoped additional interest could be generated in the presentation of our ritual,if each Provincial Preceptory of Improvement might be represented at a meeting to be held at least once a year to hold a demonstration of its' work, at one of our or a more local meetings (possibly in full regalia) and if held locally, invite those members interested to attend and witness same.

It is greatly hoped by the Grand Master that this will improve the enjoyment and execution of our beautiful ceremony and give support to those who newly embark upon it, Order wide

Signed on behalf of the committee

R. E. Kt. Paul Clement
Great Marshal
86 St. James's St. London SW1A 1PL

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