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2013 Annual Report

This year has been one of change and development. January saw E.Kt. Dennis Fountain take over the reigns as Registrar following the retirement of E.Kt Bob Upton after 15 years of unstinting service. His dulcet tone and words of wisdom will be greatly missed.

PoI Meetings
The attendance figures at the start of the year were rather disappointing, so it was decided to adopt a different and fresh approach. A concerted effort was made to ensure that the members e-mail addresses were up-to-date and that this would form the basis of regular communication prior to each meeting.

This proved so successful the attendeance numbers increased at each meeting, such that at the November meeting there were insufficient swords to go round. In addition new members were becoming a welcome and reguar feature. Fifteen during the year.

Another significant plus was the attendance of the R.E. Michael Fox, Provincial Prior of London along with his Sub Prior. Michael has not only been a regular attendee but has happily joined in the proceedings.

Due to this resurgence of numbers the Supreme Grand Master appointed E.Kt. Ron Pritchard as a Preceptor of the K.E.VII PoI to assist E. Kts. Dennis Fountain and Peter Swanell.

Such has been the enthusiasm that the members requested extra meetings if possible. Available dates have been found and an additional meeting in February and November and will be added to next years agenda. The additional November date being dedicated to rehearsing the Malta degree. The actual dates to be advised.

During the year some members requested specific tuition especially on the Installation ceremony. As Installations take place throughout the year, the Preceptors have decided in future, when requested, an additional hour, 5pm to 6pm, would be dedicated specifically for KT Installation, a short form Malta Installation, or individual tuition. This proved very popular when the Installation ceremony was rehearsed prior to the November meeting.

In May a small detachment headed by E.Kt Dennis Fountain was formed on behalf of the Great Marshal to visit Cyprus and assist in their inaugural Installation meeting. This proved to be a most successful and rewarding experience. The UK party were all members of the K.E.VII PoI. A detailed account of the visit including pictures can be seen on the K.E.VII PoI website.

At present we have 438 Preceptories in the UK and 25 overseas of which 205 are paid up members.

There have been banking problems which are now being addressed and the treasurer will be contacting each Preceptory with our correct bank details. Hopefully this will resolve itself in the near future.

Next year we will be looking to renew and enhance some of our swords and equipment, especially in light of the increase in numbers of members.

A great deal of interest has been shown in members taking their tests. One member is in the process at the moment. Next year, with their Provincial Priors permission, there should be three or four members looking to advance.

The Preceptors are looking at ear-marking two specifid dates during the year specifically for tests, so as not to disrupt the regular Preceptories of Improvement.

Attending members have come from Austrialia, Asia, Europe and more locally Wales, the West Country and the North of England, all of which has made this year a successful and encouraging one, and everyone is lookig forwarde to 2014.

Next years dates are on an information card situated in the Mark Masons Hall lobby. They can also be found on the K.E.VII PoI website.

R. E. Kt. Paul Clement
Great Marshal
86 St. James's St. London SW1A 1PL

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